i'm a fuckin' rockstar (obscene_beauty) wrote in colortastic,
i'm a fuckin' rockstar


this is the first post of this community. i'm testing things out. =]
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Hey I don't kno if you take requests or whatever...But if you could make these that'd b awesome!

Tom Brady is Hot Love
Red Sox Are Better Than the Yankees Love
Red Sox r World Champion Love
New England Patriots r love

Thx soooooo much. Even if you could just make one that'd b great!
Hello. I'm interested..would you like to consider being affilates with _colourmyworld?
Heyyyy :) I was just going through different communities and found yours :) Looks great so far. I was wondering if you could make me a colorbar with just different kinds or snakes. If you could it would be awesome. Thanks, and keep up the wonderful work :)