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[♪] LJ-CUT! Any large images, along with 2 or more images.. must, MUST, MUST be under a lj-cut. hopefully by now, all you colorbar lovers know how to use the lj-cut. but if not:

example: [[REMOVE ALL STARS]]
<*lj-cut text="click"> INSERT IMAGE CODES AND SUCH HERE. <*/lj-cut>

[♬] I do not want there to be any fighting. NO FiGHTiNG! This should be a peaceful community. What kind of reason would there be to fight anyway? I don't want to be a rule-nazi, but if there is fighting.. there will be a warning. If this rule & warning go ignored... I will have no choice but to delete the post and begin banning. Also, No critisizing other people's work!! You wouldn't want someone being mean about your work, would you?

Okay, so..

Peace = good.
Fighting = bad.
If.. you = bad
then you = BANNED!
Thaaank youu. >.<

[♪] If you have a colorbar that might offend some people, please put it under an lj-cut and place a warning in the text. Oh, and if you're easily offended by such things as homosexuality or gay marriage.. then maybe you shouldn't join this community. =]

[♬] I completely, absolutely, 100%.... support any other community promotions. As looong as it has something to do with colorbars. =]

[♪] REQUESTS! Keep Requests to a minimum of 2-3 a day. Also, when it comes to requests.. if any member would like to fill the request of another member for i or someone else gets the chance to... feel free! =D

[♬] This community is for sharing, making, discussing, & finding colorbars. Please try not to make off-topic posts. I don't want to delete posts, but I will if I must.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the community
or anything else.. e-mail me here.

Thank you. & Have fun. =]


Roxie. Your colorful moderator.

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